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FABRICAIR – air dispersion systems and textile ducts

FABRICAIR – air dispersion systems and textile ducts

Shaping the future of fabric-based HVAC

FabricAir continues to build on its nearly 50-year history of innovating the HVAC industry as we offer customized products and solutions. Our history and expertise position us as industry leaders today and tomorrow.

We focus on people as our products and services make their lives better. We create game-changing fabric-based air distribution technologies that help to provide ideal air quality in new buildings or improve existing environments where people work, live and play. In a constantly developing world, we explore opportunities to change existing mindsets by demonstrating the upside of innovative HVAC solutions.

Duct systems

Fabric ducts for perfect indoor comfort

A FabricAir Dispersion System consists of four components: profile, fabric, flow model and suspension. These may be combined in infinite ways to match the specific requirements of any given project.


Two airflows in one duct

The FabricAir® VarioDuctTM provides different flow models for cooling and/or heating purposes. It is tailored with an internal membrane that separates the two airflows. Depending on which flow pattern location is needed, a damper changes position and moves the internal membrane either up or down covering half of the duct.

Fabric Ceiling Diffusers

Ceiling diffusers provide buildings with a draft-free indoor climate. They offer easy installation, flexible design and eco-friendly technology. These products are made from two standard fabric components – a plenum box and a flow panel.

Rack Flow System

High quality air control in your racks

At FabricAir we know that maintaining precise temperature and humidity control at your set points and the prevention of microclimates within the canopy are keys to a successful grow operation with maximum yields. Through years of experience in the grow industry, our team of engineers has perfected overhead and multi-tiered air distribution in grow facilities.

DeFrost Duct

Up to 75% energy savings on defrosting The new and improved FabricAir® Defrost DuctTM increases the efficiency of cold storage air coolers. When the evaporator reaches its defrost cycle, the duct collapses, thus effectively sealing the outlet. By preventing heat from escaping the air cooler, the efficiency of the defrost cycle is significantly increased.

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FABRICAIR – air dispersion systems and textile ducts
FabricAir DefrostDuct
FabricAir DefrostDuct
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FabricAir Lite
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FabricAir Lite
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