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PANIMPEX – pressure measuring equipment

PANIMPEX – pressure measuring equipment

Panimpex: HVAC-R Tools & Energy Efficiency Solutions

We offer a large range of tools for the HVAC-R industry. We produce and distribute the famous Blondelle class 1 ‘A Lame Acier’ gauges. These gauges, vacuum gauges and manifolds are all Belgian made.

Next to this, Panimpex launched the first digital wireless system analyzer, Metreco – smart mobile measuring, providing real time measurement, calucalations, logging and output on PC.

Panimpex is also the master distributor for Refrigeration Technologies and Super Seal.

Panimpex launched its new brand ‘Panimpex Leak Detection’ on the Chillventa 2014. We offer a calibrated leak for testing all leak detectors according to EN14624 – F-GAS.

Panimpex Leak Detection

Calibrated & traceable F-GAS leak

With more then 20 years of experience in hand leak detectors Panimpex has selected a calibrated reference leak and is co-branding those with HTP as Panimpex Leak Detection. The calibrated leak is F-GAS certified!

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PANIMPEX – pressure measuring equipment