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TECNAC – NH3 power plants, oil separators

TECNAC – NH3 power plants, oil separators


The constant evolution that take place in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector. Drives us to adapt and develop innovative products for a demanding market.

Our main engine is innovation, we know to adapt and evolved to the new era. We have a highly qualified workforce that linked to the latest technology, is synonymous of triumph.

Oil separators

A complete range of horizontal and vertical solutions that guarantee a perfect oil separation with a full and partial load for single or multi-compressor systems. The versions are available for HFC / (H) CFC refrigerants and non-flammable HFC / HFO or NH3 mixtures, with one, two or three phases, or designed to work with flooded systems.

Components for NH3 Centrals

Ammonia has been used as a refrigerant in industrial refrigeration facilities since the beginning of the 20th century. This refrigerant has very good energy yields and is also not harmful to the ozone layer, since its composition is kept very little time in the atmosphere, so we could classify it as a biodegradable gas. Also, the cost of ammonia is much lower than any of the synthetic gases on the market.

Coalescent Oil Separators

The Installation of TECNAC Coalescent Oil Separators in commercial refrigeration systems, can lead to a significant reduction in costs and energy and increase the capacity of different systems

Conventional Separator

To difference of other oil separators, the efficiency of the Tecnac Coalescent Oil Separators, it does not depend on the speed. Therefore, oil separator TECNAC working (separating oil) to 99 % of efficiency when the load drop. Included colescent filter.

Suction Accumulators

Used to prevent liquid refrigerant flood-back to the compressor.Accumulators are commonly used on heat pumps, transport refrigeration systems, low-temperature supermarket refrigeration systems, and in any situation where liquid refrigerant is a concern.

Liquid Receivers

We have vertical and horizontal liquid containers for all kinds of refrigerants, all meet the requirements of the air conditioning and refrigeration facilities. From 30 to 130 bar and a wide range of temperatures and volumes.

Oil Receivers

The oil receiver should be mounted above the oil level regulators for the supply of oil through gravity. Due to the high pressure, the oil could return to the container.

Electronical Oil Level Regulator

Designed to control the oil level in the compressor crackcase in order to avoid the compressor to run without oil and so improve its lifetime. TK3 monitors the oil level with the embedded electro-optic sensor and comprises a solenoid valve for oil filling and a relay output contact to give an alarm.


The pulsation dampers reduce the pulsation of the compressed gas in the ducts and the vibrations in the facilities, if they reach a critical level. This reduces the risk of leaks or pipe breakage damage.


The antivibrators of stainless Steel are used in circuits designed with rigid pipelines to obtain a notable decrease of the noises, to absorb and to eliminate the vibrations and to compesate the expansions produced by the changes of temperature.


Steel valves with anticorrosion coating. High capacity plastic sealing cap to avoid refrigerant losses. All valves include two ¼ “SAE sockets with brass plug.

Coaxial Evaporators and Condensers

Used in applications which require high water temperatures in conjunction with the use of hot gaseous refrigerant.

Special receivers

Tecnac manufactures special receivers till ø1216 and 6000 capacity liters.

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TECNAC – NH3 power plants, oil separators
Horizontal Receivers RH
Horizontal Receivers RH
High Pressure Oil Separator Vessel SAV
High Pressure Oil Separator Vessel SAV
Sectional Oil Separators SA
Sectional Oil Separators SA
Hermetic Oil Separators SH
Hermetic Oil Separators SH
Coalescent Oil Separators
Coalescent Oil Separators SHC
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