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Rotalock FP-RV-134-158 (1 3/4″-1 5/8″)

Rotalock FP-RV-134-158 (1 3/4″-1 5/8″)
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Rotalock FP-RV-134-158 (1 3/4″-1 5/8″)

About Frigopoint Rotalock Valves

Rotalock valves are intended for blocking pressure vessels, which allows timely maintenance and

if needed, it facilitates changing the tank. The working pressure of rotalock valves is 4.5 MPa.

Rotalock valves are a type of fluid control valve that uses a rotary seal to regulate the flow of gases or liquids. They are frequently used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to control the flow of refrigerant. The Rotalock design provides a leak-tight seal and is considered a reliable and trusted valve type in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.