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Heat exchanger New LMC NanoGIANT

Heat exchanger New LMC NanoGIANT


LMC Ø 350 – 9,3÷ 44,0 kW – 1-4 fans – dBA 41÷47
LMC Ø 500 – 17,5÷105,9 kW – 1-3 fans – dBA 36÷58
LMC Ø 630 – 24,8÷247,2 kW – 1-4 fans – dBA 35÷65



Heat exchanger New LMC NanoGIANT

MINICHANNEL® heat exchanger

The extraordinarily efficient performance of the heat exchanger is due to the optimum combination of special profile aluminium fins and high-efficiency Ø 5 mm tubes with internal grooves.


EC Motors

  • New electronic fans developed with EC technology which dramatically reduces energy consumption.

ALUPLUS: a new magnesium-aluminium alloy coated with a special paint treatment to give strong protection and resistance to corrosion.

  • The new ALUPLUS fin is made of an alloy of Aluminium and Magnesium.
  • The severe tests carried out in salt spray conditions to study in detail the phenomenon of corrosion, gave surprising results. These measurements showed that the ALUPLUS fin is 86% more resistant than the previous ALUPAINT solution.


  • High-efficiency heat exchanger with TURBOFIN® (louvered profile) aluminium fins and copper tubes with internal helical grooves.

STEEL Protected

  • Corrosion resistant epoxy-polyester coated galvanized steel casing.

Safetubes System®

  • Patented coil suspension system which prevents any contact between the tubes and the support structure, protecting the tubes during transport, installation and operation.

SUPER Silent Efficient

  • Very quiet air cooled condensers and dry coolers with reduced energy consumption.


  • Aluminium TURBOFIN® fins with high-efficiency turbulator louvres to increase heat transfer coefficient.