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AbTehnic Profesional

Fast Freezer Special Evaporators

Fast Freezer Special Evaporators

Fin Spacing: 7.5 mm – 10 mm – 12 mm
From 1 to 8 fans, Ø 500 – 630 mm
Low noise operation and reduced energy consumption
6 ranges from 11 to 110 kW



Fast Freezer Special Evaporators



High-efficiency heat exchanger with TURBOFIN® (louvered profile) aluminium fins and copper tubes with internal helical grooves.


Aluminium TURBOFIN® fins with high-efficiency turbulator louvres to increase heat transfer coefficient and guarantee high performance even during frost formation.

STEEL Protected

Corrosion resistant epoxy-polyester coated galvanized steel casing.

Main features Fast Freezer Special Evaporators

TURBOFIN® 4 heat exchanger

The heat exchanger with internally grooved tubes and in-line rows, featuring a high ratio between the secondary fin surface and the primary tube surface, suitable for all design requirements for the refrigeration and tunnel freezing of food products.


N = air defrost (TC> 2°C)

E = electric defrost (TC> -35°C)

SB = water spray defrost (TC> -2°C)

G = hot gas defrost for coil and electric defrost in the drain tray (TC> -35°C)

GB = hot gas defrost for coil and drain tray (TC> -35°C)


Zinc coated steel casing with corrosion resistant powder coating finish.

Operating fluids

  • Operating on HFC refrigerant fluids.
  • Operating on pure water, water-glycol mixture or single phase fluids.
  • NH3 Operating on ammonia.
  • Operating on CO2.