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FSL T Serie Blast Freezers

FSL T Serie Blast Freezers

In FSL T Serie BLAST FREEZERS capacities are between 8,3 kW – 62,7 kW.



FSL T Serie Blast Freezers


  • FRITERM Blast Freezers, including H series, S series, T series and K series, are designed to meet all needs of blast freezing applications from 6,2 kW to 56,7 kW based on -35°C room and -40°C evaporation conditions.
  • Fin spacing is 12 mm for all model.
  • Circuit design is appropriate for very low fluid pressure drop which is must in blast freezing applications.
  • Blast Freezers designed for 3-6 m/s free air velocity in freezing room.
  • The coil circuits designed for refrigerants R 404A and R 22.
  • Capacities valid for R 404A.

Compact and highly efficient coils have these features:

  • Aluminium fins,
  • 5/8″ copper tubes in coils,
  • Inlet and outlet connections are on the left side as standard.
  • Refrigerant distributor,
  • Test pressure: 34 bar,
  • Maximum operating pressure: 21 bar,
  • Delivered under positive pressure,
  • Schrader valve,
  • Low refrigerant charge required circuit design.


  • Electrostatically powder painted galvanized steel is used for casing, and stainless steel as an option, which is especially used for hygienic needs.
  • Intermediate drain pan prevents air bypass.
  • Insulated double skin drain pan are used as standard.
  • Fan block of Blast freezer can be mounted seperately from the coil side for H and S series.
  • Steel support legs make it possible to place the good on the ground appropriately during transportation.


  • Fans ZIEHL-ABEGG brand or equivalent in Ø630 – Ø710 mm diameters. (400 V AC, 50 Hz, 1400 rpm)
  • IP 54 motor protection and F class insulation.
  • Working conditions – 40°C / +60°C.
  • Lubrication-free closed type motors.
  • Fan guards according to safety standards.
  • Fan block can be demounted if needed for transport and installation reasons.


  • Electrical defrost heaters applied to FRİTERM Blast Freezers. Coil, Drain Tray, Fan and Drain Line defrost heaters are standard. In this system, condense water can be drained easily by insulated drain pan and drain line heaters.
  • Special design water defrost system is optional.