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AbTehnic Profesional



Area of use: Air ducting




Area of use

Air ducting

Performance range:

Direct Expansion operation: capacity from 10 to 115 kW (R404A, Te= 2° C, T1= 12° C, RH = 75%)

Brine Operation: capacity from 7 to 135 kW (Glycol 30%, TW1= 0 °C, T1= 12 °C, RH = 75%)

Fans: Radial ducted fans, Diameter Ø 560, 630 mm


  • Fin spacing: 4.5 mm or 7 mm
  • Piping in copper or in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • External static 150 Pa pressure
  • Modular design, 1-4 fans
  • Electric defrosting system available on request
  • Casing in aluminium or RAL 9010 painted

About Thermokey unit coolers

  • Dual Flow Unit Cooler Radial Unit Cooler

ThermoKey offers products equipped with highly-efficient, low-noise fans; also low air-speed dual flow unit coolers are available, preventing direct air-flow onto the operators. Furthermore, for plants using canalized air distribution, ThermoKey provides cooling units equipped with radial fans, whose functioning is guaranteed with additional static pressures of at least 150 Pa, while maintaining low noise levels.

  • Inspectionable, stainless steel units

ThermoKey produces stainless steel unit coolers, whose finned pack heat exchangers are thoroughly accessible thanks to hinged drip trays, covers and easy-to-open fan cowlings.

  • Fruit Cooler

ThermoKey provides cooling units with big surface geometries guaranteeing the expected capacities, with low temperature deltas. Specific units have been developed to preserve fruit and vegetables with blow-through fans, optimising air distribution.

  • Defrosting systems

ThermoKey offers a wide range of defrosting systems to ensure the best solution for every type of application.

  • Blast Freezer

ThermoKey offers Blast Freezer unit coolers equipped with high, external static pressure (from 100 to 400 Pa) fans, wide fin-spacing to minimize defrosting cycles.