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AbTehnic Profesional

Unit coolers for reach-in cabinet MMC

Unit coolers for reach-in cabinet MMC

FINS: from 4.5mm to 6mm
CAPACITY: from 340 W to 2360 W
DIMENSIONS: from 300mm to 1000mm



Unit coolers for reach-in cabinet MMC


  • Turbocoil®

High-efficiency heat exchanger with TURBOFIN® (louvered profile) aluminium fins and copper tubes with internal helical grooves.

  • Turbofin®

Aluminium TURBOFIN® fins with high-efficiency turbulator louvres to increase heat transfer coefficient and guarantee high performance even during frost formation.

  • Al casing

Lightweight casing in brushed aluminium.

Main characteristics Unit coolers for reach-in cabinet MMC

The new Minimagic series offers a range of solutions which make it adaptable and convenient for small cold rooms as well as refrigerated cabinets and counters


Significant increase in efficiency thanks to the new combination of TurbocoilÆ heat exchanger, a new low-consumption motor and the design of a more efficient size for the exchange matrix. Energy savings which allow you to offer solutions which respect the environment and satisfy the demands of the market.


Saving refrigerant, designing new installations and products which respect the future and which are in full compliance with the relevant stringent regulations. This is the only way to stay ahead, to be different and to keep on improving so that we can take every opportunity to add value to our products.

Operating fluids

  • HFC

Operating on HFC refrigerant fluids.

  • CO2

Operating on CO2.