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Heat exchangers – DK-Hygienic kit

Heat exchangers – DK-Hygienic kit

with total corrosion protection



Heat exchangers – DK-Hygienic kit

Ultimate protection against legionella

The traditional and basic method of providing a legionella wash program, whereby the main hot water boiler, was brought into service the hot water tank power on a preset time and temperature function. This old method is now replaced by the new DK legionella protection control equipment and has been accorded the WESSLING Seal of Approval.

Reduced installation time

The pump and piping are factory fitted and connected directly to the tank, the only remaining work for the installer is to supply, fit and connect the preferred electrical contact/relay for the electric heating element and to fit and connect the overheat protection thermostat to the timed control circuit.

The new DK-energy saving feature!

The time control will initiate the legionella protection system to heat the complete content of the tank on a time set period (per day or per week) and on a repeat basis, to achieve the customers set temperature.

If the desired set temperature in the selected time frame is already achieved by the waste heat from the refrigeration system, the legionella protection function is not required and will not be activated on that occasion, and no external energy input will be required!

Optimum corrosion protection

Integrated functions:

  • Maintenance-free and durable corrosion protection to maintain the integrity of the tank
  • Automatic adjustment to the required temperature settings in the hot water tank
  • Optimum protection with electronic measurement of corrosion via fitted anode
  • Booster function for fast polarization of the tank interior surface
  • The installation of additional standard multi-channel readers are not required