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Scroll Indoor Refrigeration Units for Refrigeration

Scroll Indoor Refrigeration Units for Refrigeration

Copeland air-cooled refrigeration units for medium temperature and low temperature applications.



Scroll Indoor Refrigeration Units for Refrigeration

Copeland scroll refrigeration units are equipped with the latest refrigeration scroll compressors and build the widest range of its kind. The modular line concept offers base units which can be adapted to the target application by various options including weather housings and fan speed controls.

Copeland scroll refrigeration units are available with normal or high capacity condensers to ensure optimum performance even under extreme conditions. They are equipped with dedicated medium or low temperature compressors which makes them suitable for all general refrigeration applications, such as:

  • Mini markets and supermarkets
  • Bars, restaurants and kitchens
  • Beer cellars and beverage coolers
  • Cold rooms
  • Milk cooling tank

Features and Benefits

  • Standard equipment: base plate, scroll compressor, crankcase heater, condenser with 1ph fan(s), HP and LP switch, liquid receiver with rotalock-valve, suction- and discharge shut-off valves
  • Suitable for multiple refrigerants: R407A/F, R448A/R449A, R404A, R134a, R450A and R513A
  • Wide range of quality accessories
  • Excellent efficiency and reliability

Maximum Allowable Pressures (PS)

  • Low Side PS 22.5 bar (g)
  • High Side PS = 28 bar (g)


  • Refrigerants compatibilities R-134a, R-450A, R-513A, R-404A, R-448A, R-449A, R-407A, R-407F, R-407C, R-22
  • Nominal Voltages 230, 400, 460 V
  • Frequency 50, 60 Hz
  • Applications Low Temperature, Medium Temperature