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Cookie Policy

This cookie policy refers to cookies and the webpage operated by SC AB Tehnic Profesional SRL, located in Bucharest, 164 Alunisului street, District 4.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which will be stored on your computer, mobile or any other terminal equipment you may use for connecting to internet. Cookies are transferred at your terminal request to one of AB Tehnic Profesional servers or to another server of a third party.

Cookies are stored through an express request of a web-server of a browser (eg. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, etc.) and they are fully “passive” (they do not contain software, viruses or spyware and cannot access the data from user’s hard drive).

A cookie consists in 2 parts (name and content or the cookie value) and its lifespan is technologically determined, situation dependant.

What are cookies for?

These files mainly allow your terminal to be recognized and present the content in a relevant way, preference adapted, also having the facilitating role for customizing some settings such as language, country, etc.

Cookies grant the users a pleasant surfing experience and support AB Tehnic Profesional efforts to offer tailored services for each and every user.


Types of cookies

While visiting this website the following types of cookies are used:

Necessary Cookies

Cookie list used on:

Strictly necessary cookies: allow you to use the basic functions of the website. These cookies are compulsory for using the website in good conditions;

Functionality cookies – they are used for remembering you when you return to website. They allow us to offer you enhanced functionality, such as remembering your preferences. These cookies collect anonymous data;

Analytical and performance cookies – they help us collect statistical data regarding the way our website is used (the most visited pages, error messages, etc);

For marketing purposed and target audience– they store information related to your visit, such as the pages you visited and the links you followed. We may also use these details for displaying ads that are suitable for your interests and we can also adjust the frequency of displaying ads;

Related to social media – allow you to share your activity on social media (eg. Facebook, Linkedin etc). We do not own/control these cookies.

Other types of cookies -which could be used later on. We will update this policy as soon as the situation demands it.

Our website uses certain services of third parties in order to get information related to your use of the website. These third parties (eg. advertising agencies, web traffic analysis services, etc) may use cookie files that we do not own nor control.


Cookies used for statistical purposes 

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics – traffic analysis service provided by Google. Cookies related to your use of the website (including your IP) will be sent and stored by Google on servers from EU, CEE and/or US.  Google develops, based in this data, reports related to website activity. Google may transfer this information to third parties in case they must comply with the law or in case these third parties process information on behalf of Google. Google will not associate your IP address with other data obtained by Google.

You can reject Google Analytics without hindering your visit to our website.

Detailed information regarding Google Analytics and GDPR (including the way to control the data sent to Google) is available at:

In order to stop monitoring through this type of cookies you can install an add-in on your web browser. (


For adverts

In order to receive commercials and marketing content, tailored to your preference, our Website uses the DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) technology and Google Ad Exchange, provided by Google. The information generated by these cookies will be transferred and stored by Google.


Cookies for social media

Third parties providing services may place their own cookies in order to monitor their applications performance. When you share a post the social media platform will record this action. We may have embedded content (eg. YouTube video). These third parties may also place their own cookies. We cannot access these files.


The way we use cookies

A visit to our website may generate the following types of cookies:

Strictly necessary cookies for smooth operation of the website;

Analysis cookies;

Advertising cookies.

The strictly necessary cookies are compulsory for using the website in good conditions, being placed on your gadget while visiting the website or after performing some actions on our website. You can set your browser to block cookies, however in such case some sections of the website may not function in a correct way.

The other categories of cookies have the scope shown on section Type of cookies.

Do cookies contain personal data?

Cookies themselves do not request personal data in order to use them and, in many cases, they do not even personally identify the Internet users. However there are cases when personal data may be collected through using cookies in order to ease some functions for user or to provide the user a tailored experience. This data is crypted in such a way that makes it impossible for unauthorized personnel to access it.


Blocking the cookies

In case you choose to block cookies some functions of the website will be stopped and this may create some malfunctions or errors in using the website.

Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default, but you can change this setting in order to block one or all cookies.

If you refuse us to place cookies on your device you can block them using browser settings or browser options. Also you can refuse only our partners’ cookies. You need to adjust your browser settings for each browser and for each device you are using (laptop, phone, tablet, etc).


Managing preferences regarding cookie placement

Generally an application used for visiting web pages will allow your gadget to save the cookies by default. These are stored for reasons detailed in the “Types of cookies”. These settings can be changed so that the default automated management of cookies will be blocked by your browser or the user will be informed each time cookies are sent to his/her device.

Detailed information regarding the possibilities and the ways to manage cookies can be found in the settings menu of the application (browser). Limiting the use of cookies may hinder some of the website functions.


Why are cookies important for Internet?

Cookies are a central point of Internet efficient functionality, helping to deliver friendly surfing and tailored according to every user’ preferences and interests. Refusing or deactivating cookies may generate malfunctions of some sections of the website or even of the entire website.

Deactivating cookies does not mean you will no longer receive law compliant online advertisements, but this will no longer consider your preferences and your interests, as determined through your browsing behavior.


Security and privacy  

Generally browsers have integrated confidentiality settings which provide various levels of privacy in order to set various levels of cookies acceptance, validity terms and automatic deletion after you visited a specific website.

Other security issues related to cookies:

You can customize the browser settings for cookies in order to establish a comfortable level of security.

If you are the only user on your machine you can set, if you want to, longer terms for history and personal log in data expiration.

If your access to computer is shared you can opt in for deletion of your browser data each time you close the browser. This is an alternate way to surf the sites storing cookies and delete any information related to your visit when you close your session.


Useful Links

If you want more information about cookies and what they are for we recommend you visit the following links:


This policy has to be read and acknowledged together with the “Terms and Conditions”, “Disclaimer” and the GDPR Policy.



You can contact us for more information at:

SC AB Tehnic Profesional SRL

Offices: 164 Alunișului street, District 4, Bucharest

Phone no: +40 213.320.848,

Fax:  +40,

Fiscal code: RO 14514176

National Trade Register No: J40/2001/2002



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