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Process freezer EASY Freeze

Process freezer EASY Freeze – Designed for the perfect IQF freezing. EASY Freeze is entirely made of stainless steel and every fan is equipped with his own frequency inverter which guarantees an extraordinary fluidization.




Process freezer EASY Freeze

The Tarp is manufactured from Trevira fabric with PVC coating and has fiberglass reinforcement bars to resist air pressure. The Tarp is fixed onto the suction wall with special guide tracks and rollers for adjustment to different pallet heights. This pressure roller secures the Tarp to follow the pallets and guides it to cover the pallets completely airtight. We advise placing our integrated and depressible foam buffers (100×100) on the suction wall to prevent air by-pass behind the pallets.


Several unique and proprietary characteristics of the Easy Freeze contribute to our industry leading IQF freezing, including:

  • Full controlled fluidization method keeps the product constantly suspended above the belt in a cushion of air. The result is the immediate crust freezing and efficient core freezing of individual pieces, regardless of type, variety or condition of product.
  • Up to few days or more continuous production without any drop in freezing efficiency, thanks to the effect of powerful ASR (Automatic Snow Removal) system. No more interruptions to defrost even when running double shifts, which again should present some daily savings of operating costs.
  • Maximized freezing efficiency for each unique product, whether the product is heavy, light, soft, sticky or fragile, thanks to Variable speed control of all fans and belts, allowing on-the-fly optimization of air flow conditions.
  • Interior video monitoring allows for real-time supervising of operating conditions, allowing the complete control and adjustments of the entire process from outside, without necessity to entering into the freezer.
  • Entire machinery is constructed in stainless steel, including powerful fans / turbines (produced by PIGO).
  • Maximized IQF quality. Due to the air flow that is created from our proprietary fans (designed and manufactured by PIGO) our freezing method does not allow any settling or adhering together of product. The product remains in a state of fluctuation until it is crust frozen, thus ensuring free flowing IQF.
  • Custom freezing possibilities. With variable control of all fans and belts (standard feature), our freezer is adaptable to virtually any small fruit regardless of ripeness, state of process, condition or size including all the berry types/varieties.

Industry proven.

Our freezing method is not new. We have refined and improved small aspects of our technology over the years, but the general concept is highly proven to work on a variety of very difficult products. We have satisfied customers all over the world that can verify the successes of our freezing method.

EASY Freeze

is considered as the freezer with the most superior sanitation, giving the possibility to the user to freeze different products one after the other without risk of cross – contamination.


The obvious benefit is the direct cost savings but it should also be mentioned that eliminating the pre-crust freezing step will also prevent misshaped raspberries from staying misshaped. Our adaptable air flow (fluidization) method will actually help flattened raspberries to restore the original shape in order to improve the final quality of your packs.

All PiGo equipment and food processing lines are constructed of stainless steel and manufactured to ISO and HACCP food processing industry standards. Painted surfaces are not used because they do not meet these standards. Following this philosophy PIGO developed his “EASY Clean Concept” that consist of:

  • OPEN DESIGN allows direct access to all interior components for quick and easy cleaning cycles and maintenance. CIP (Clean in Place) options also available.
  • CLEAN BELT for all the production cycle, the belt kept inside the freezer housing all the time.
  • NO CONTAMINATION OF THE EVAPORATOR by product particles, thanks to built-in deflectors and full controlled fluidization. The result is timesaving due to the elimination of unnecessary production stops and possibility of having few shifts with or more days of non-stop working time.
  • EVAPORATORS EFFICIENTLY AND EASY CLEANED by built-in cleaning system, and efficiently dryed due to their horizontal disposition (these operations are not that easily performed with vertically positioned ones).
  • EASY Freeze is ENERGY SAVING and TROUBLE FREE SOLUTION for all your freezing needs.


EASY Freeze Family 

Model Capacity based on Peas
EASY Freeze 5 M 500 kg/h
EASY Freeze 10 M 1.000 kg/h
EASY Freeze 15 ASR 1.500 kg/h
EASY Freeze 20 ASR 2.000 kg/h
EASY Freeze 25 ASR 2.500 kg/h
EASY Freeze 35 ASR 3.500 kg/h
EASY Freeze 50 ASR 5.000 kg/h
EASY Freeze 60 ASR 6.000 kg/h
EASY Freeze 80 ASR 8.000 kg/h
EASY Freeze 100 ASR 10.000 kg/h
EASY Freeze 120 ASR 12.000 kg/h
EASY Freeze 140 ASR 14.000 kg/h
EASY Freeze 160-260 ASR 16.000-26.000 kg/h


Easy Freeze Model 5 M 10 M 15 ASR 25 ASR 35 ASR 50 ASR 60 ASR 80 ASR 100 ASR 120 ASR 140 ASR UP TO 240 ASR
Fan/Turbine 1+1 2+2 1+1 1+2 2+2 3+3 3+4 4+5 6+6 7+7 8+8 13+14
Capacity kg/h (green peas) 500 1.000 1.500 2.500 3.500 5.000 6.000 8.000 10.000 12.000 14.000 24.000
Required refrigeration (green peas) in kW 77 149 217 326 459 684 786 1038 1320 1575 1830 3098
Capacity kg/h (strawberries) 350 700 1.100 1.800 2.600 3.600 4.200 5.600 7.100 8.400 9.800 16.800
Required refrigeration (strawberries) in kW 66 128 176 279 389 577 662 876 1114 1327 1541 2625
Installed el. Power in kW (3x380V 50Hz) 20 38 38 51 70 105 120 155 210 244 279 510
Air Consumption in l/sec (for ASR) 19 29 39 39 39 39 49 49 49 49 69 69
Water consumption during evaporator washing in l/min (+15°C, 2 bar) 100 180 180 220 300 400 500 600 700 780 960 1600
Housing (LxBxH) in mm 2350 x 3200x 2450 4400 x 3200 x 2450 4060 x 4860 x 4450 5460 x 4860 x 4450 6420 x 4860 x 4450 9060 x 4860 x 4450 10440 x 4860 x 4450 13060 x 4860 x 4450 16660 x 4860 x 4450 18860 x 4860 x 4450 21660 x 4860 x 4450 34060 x 4860 x 4450