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AbTehnic Profesional


FRI3OIL SYSTEM WATEX – The R&AC cleaning system, unique in the market worldwide. Fri3Oil System WATEX allows final disposal of oils, acids or water of any refrigeration system and recycling of halocarbon gases.



Today, there is a major problem in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry due to the hygroscopicity of the polyol ester oils, POE, which are used with HFCs. These oils take humidity from the ambient, becoming acidic. This acidity will harm the compressor and other parts of the installation.

Using the existing system refrigerant for cleansing without any need for other consumables / cleaning agents, that might otherwise be harmful to the refrigeration plant, Fri3Oil System WATEX allows oils, acids, water and other substances removal of any R&AC system.

Fri3Oil System WATEX is environmentally friendly, since it “recycles” refrigerants, avoiding their incineration. Fri3Oil recovers and recycles refrigerant from equipment destined for decommissioning/destruction, without any refrigerant emissions.

Fri3Oil System WATEX is the only automatic R&AC circuits cleaning system Worldwide 100% effective.

New Features

  • New “Hot-Gas” feature that facilitates the cleaning of water flooded circuits, melting any ice block instantly.
  • Elimination of external controls: everything is controlled and displayed on the graphic terminal.
  • Design update.
  • Complete modification of software: new PLC and graphic terminal, which complete the automation of the system.
  • Automatic high-low compensation, before starting the compressor.
  • Control sightglass: new position and lighting.