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Duct systems Rectangular

Duct systems Rectangular -The FabricAir rectangular duct is a fully customizable duct option, available with all flow models and fabric types except FabricAir® Poly.


Duct systems Rectangular
Duct systems

The FabricAir rectangular duct is a fully customizable duct option, available with all flow models and fabric types except FabricAir® Poly.

This duct profile is typically required when there is not enough space to fit a round duct suited for the desired air volume, or when the application calls for separate temperature zones inside the duct. FabricAir will custom design the duct based on the requirements of the specific project.


Rectangular ducts are typically created using internal membranes for structural integrity, and support hoops may be used on all four sides. This ensures that the duct keeps its profile when the air is turned on, despite the natural pressure toward bulging.

Duct systems – Shape Retention Options

Shape Retention Options ensure better looking ducts in periods when the ventilation system is turned off. With Internal 360° Hoops the duct is kept round regardless of whether the system is active; with All-in-One Support only a slight change of the circular shape occurs when the air is shut off. Both accessories also minimize the shock associated with inflating ducts in systems without a

soft start, otherwise known as “duct pop”.

Internal 360° Hoops

The Internal 360° Hoops are mounted in sleeves on the inside of the ductwork creating a closed circuit around the circumference. This ensures an aesthetically pleasing duct that is kept open if the airflow is turned off. The hoops are removable for easy laundry.

Internal 360° Hoops are available in duct systems from Ø155 mm [Ø6 in] and up. The hoops come pre-installed from the factory on ducts up to Ø660 mm [Ø26 in]. For diameters above Ø660 mm [Ø26 in], the suspension fiberglass rods are added on site. Adding the hoops is an easy process, as they simply glide in place.

All-in-One Support

All-in-One Support (AiO) consists of semicircular hangers, made from anodized aluminum, sewn into pockets on the exterior of the duct at fixed intervals. These come pre-installed from the factory, which significantly reduces installation time compared to the systems

offered by other manufacturers. The All-in-One Support is easily removable for maintenance purposes. The appropriate suspension support depends on the diameter of the duct. The AiO Support will cover 180° of the duct’s circumference up to Ø1220 mm [Ø48 in]. For diameters above Ø1220 mm [Ø48 in], hanger coverage decreases due to shipping constraints. All-in-One provides additional support for 90° elbows.

Shape Retention Options

The ideal fabric properties depend on the specific application: swimming pools require permeable fabric to prevent condensation; food processing may require anti-microbial fabric; a high school gym may require a custom color or logo print to match the school’s colors. FabricAir Dispersion Systems are custom engineered to create the ideal fit for each application’s specific requirements.

Options include anti-static, flame retardant, permanently flame retardant, non-combustible, impermeable, varying permeabilities and anti-microbial.

Permeable Fabrics

Permeable fabrics eliminate condensationon the duct surface by creating an air blanket surrounding the duct. These are ideal in humid spaces, such as food processing facilities or swimming pools, where there is a high probability of condensation.

Non-permeable Fabrics

Non-permeable fabrics are airtight. The air is distributed solely through the flow model. These ducts are typically made out of coated materials.


FabricAir materials

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