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AbTehnic Profesional

Small valve 4 and 8 mm

Small valve 4 and 8 mm

for welding, with 1 or 2 nipple ends, with blank nut



Small valve 4 and 8 mm

The small 4 and 8 mm valves are intended for use with instruments and line gauge equipment.

The RFF valves are manufactured from low temperature steel bodies with stainless steel spindles sealed by “O” rings and designed in a special way which gives a good gas tightness. Sealing is made by steel spindle on steel face (metal to metal).

New small valves can be mounted by using a 3mm maximum thickness steel plate fixed with locking nut. The locking nut has to be ordered separately.

With our old design, the cap was screwed on the gland nut, whereas with the new design cap is directly screwed on the body. This ensures not to unscrew gland nut when removing the cap.

  • This range of valves have the same design as the steel range except :
  • Body in stainless steel bodies X4CrNi 18-10 (1.4301) EN10088-3.
  • Cap in aluminium or handwheel in bakelite.
  • Back-seat in PTFE which allows the O-rings to be replaced while the plant is operating.