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32-channel Gas monitor CANline 32+

32-channel Gas monitor CANline 32+ -The CANline 32+ control unit displays the detector gas concentration with name and location.


32-channel Gas monitor CANline 32+


  • The CANline 32+ control unit displays the detector gas concentration with name and location.
  • The CANline 32+ may be connected to a total of 32 digital sensors along with 6 of relay cards.
  • 3 CANline-Bus-Expander cards may be connected for an additional 3×32 digital sensors inputs giving a total of 128 sensors
  • Maximum of 128 relays may be connected (6 Relay cards on the CANline 32+ and 3×6 relay cards on the CANline-Bus- Expander)
  • 4 off 4-20mA detector inputs provided
  • User-Friendly programming mode by Configuration-Software (Windows)
  • Integrated MODBUS RTU interface
  • The integrated timer may be used for periodic switching of relays, e.g., to activate local fans in the monitoring zones at set times in the day.
  • Different groups / zones may be programmed to specific relays.
  • Relay functions are fully programmable (e.g., Reset manual or automatic, Energised, De
  • Energised, NO/NC, max. ON time, etc.)
  • Wall or cabinet mounting (DIN-Rail enclosure option)
  • Integrated 24VDC power supply (230 VAC as option)
  • History (visible on display); the integrated alarm events and error messages are recorded.
  • CE and EMC compliance after EN:50270

About Kimessa gas monitors

Innovative research and constant development create unique KIMESSA gas monitoring systems to meet the requirements of a wide range of industrial applications. Easy to use yet feature rich control monitors along with a wide range of gas measurement sensors actively address risks to personnel and expensive work place equipment.

Thanks to optimised technical solutions, our gas monitoring systems are versatile, high quality and extremely cost-effective. All systems and products undergo constant quality controls. With over 30 years of experience and the extensive technical know-how of KIMESSA as well as your representatives, we provide you a guarantee for optimum advice, performance and support for your gas monitoring system.