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Humidifier UCV 52

Humidifier UCV 52 – maximum versatility and high humidification efficiency


Humidifier UCV 52

safety and efficiency

The UCV series humidifiers have been designed to offer maximum versatility and high humidification efficiency.

They are equipped with two separate electric motors: one to operate the centrifugal humidifier and the other to operate the fan. This makes it possible to choose the air flow that best suits the various applications both agricultural (fungiculture, horticulture, germination rooms) and refrigeration department stores. Furthermore, nebulized water evaporating in the air is a valid mean to get free cooling.

These humidifiers nebulize water by centrifugal force, so they use neither pressure pumps nor nozzles. This avoids the problems caused by impurities and limestone present in water ensuring operation safety over time and low maintenance.

It can be installed hanged by chains or on the wall with the metal support bracket available on request.


UCV 52 UCV 63/4
Atomiziation Capacity [l/h] 35 35
Air Flow [m³/h] 3400 7600
Feed Water Pressure [kPa] 100 (1000 max) 100 (1000 max)
Dimensions A×B×C [mm] 620×520×590 620×630×700
Weight [kg] 26,6 28,6
Working Conditions Range +1 +40°C / 0% 100% U.R. (Not condensing) +1 +40°C / 0% 100% U.R. (Not condensing)
Fan 3 ~ 50Hz,400V 0,26kW 3~50Hz,400V 0,37kW
Centrifugal Humidifier 3 ~ 50Hz,400V 0,26kW 3 ~ 50Hz,400V 0,26kW
Solenoid Valve ~ 50Hz,24V 0,01kW ~ 50Hz,24V 0,01kW