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Swimming pool dehumidifier SP-72

Swimming pool dehumidifier SP-72 -Dehumidifier for swimming pools or large rooms, wall mounting, equipped with electronic humidistat, thermostat and electronic defrosting device. Fitted with remotable control panel. Auxiliary hot water or electric heating device available on request.
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • Low voltage controls.
  • Dehumidification capacity at 28 °C, 60% R.H.: 72 L/24 hours
  • Dehumidification capacity at 30 °C, 80% R.H.: 122 L/24 hours.
  • Electric power supply: single phase 230 V, 50 Hz


Swimming pool dehumidifier SP-72

design and efficiency

These dehumidifiers for indoor pools are installed on the wall into the room to be dehumidified, using the brackets that are supplied with.

The settings are made through a practical “soft touch” button panel, which can be remoted through the cable and installed separately from the machine.

The internal wiring is designed to install and manage all available accessories, and includes as standard a humidity sensor and a temperature sensor; this is also remotable through the supplied cable.

Thanks to electronic control, the machine can be used to dehumidify, recycle air and, in case of use of heating accessories available separately, to heat the room.

These functions can be performed separately or at the same time as needed. The exclusive and elegant line easily adapts to particular rooms such as indoor pools, spas, museums, warehouses.



High condensation capacity

118,6 l/24h


designed to work effectively and safely in swimming pool environments.


The use of ecological refrigerant gas makes these appliances extremely environment friendly.


Both the bodywork and the frame are entirely made of galvanized sheet metal: the robustness of the metal and the subsequent high temperature powder coating make these devices suitable for the heaviest uses and gives the machines quality and robustness over time. The exchangers are also protected by painting: this treatment arises from the need to protect them in rooms with swimming pool where the chlorine present in the air is very aggressive towards metals such as copper, aluminum and iron. The machines must be installed on the wall and are supplied with all the brackets necessary for assembly. The exclusive and elegant design will enrich the environments in which the dehumidifier will be installed, such as swimming pools, making them even more comfortable and pleasant to live.


All machines have been carefully studied and tested; the individual components that make up the actual engine of the dehumidifier have been selected to work efficiently and permanently. The use of rotary compressors has allowed to reduce consumption and optimize performance, the exchangers have been painted to be protected from chlorine


The new electronic control optimizes the operation of the dehumidifier while the internal humidity sensor, supplied as standard on all models, only makes the device work when needed, optimizing consumption. The control panel and the temperature and humidity sensors are remote from the user during installation. The dynamic defrosting function also minimizes the time it takes to remove any ice from the exchanger, a function necessary to keep the machine’s efficiency level high at the lowest temperatures. The dehumidifier is designed to handle auxiliary accessories when installed.


This component is available as standard on all SP models. The air filter prevents dirt from reaching the exchangers and therefore keeps the efficiency of the machine high over time. For cleaning the filter is easily disassembled: it can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, compressed air or even washed in water.


SP32 SP46 SP72
Operating temperature range [°C] +10 … +32 +10 … +32 +10 … +32
Operating humidity range [U.R.%] (not condensing) 40 … 100 40 … 100 40 … 100
Defrosting Normal Normal Normal
Condensation Capacity [L/24 hour] at 30°C, 80% R.H. 52,2 86,9 118,6
Condensation Capacity [L/24 hour] at 25°C, 65% R.H. 32,3 55,9 73,4
Air Flow [m³/hr] 600 680 740
Power Supply 230 V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz
Absorbed Current (maximum) [A] 3,4 5,1 8,6
Absorbed Power (maximum) [W] 690 1140 1910
Refrigerant R32 R32 R32
Noise Level at 1 meter [dBa] 57 59 59
Dry weight [Kg] 68 72 77
Dimensions W x H x D [mm] 1174×824×320 1174×824×320 1174×824×320