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Buffer tanks with internal baffles

Buffer tanks with internal baffles

VK galvanised buffer tanks are insulated to only contain chilled water.



Buffer tanks with internal baffles

VKS buffer tanks

The VKS buffer tanks with internal baffles are insulated to only contain chilled water and are used to increase the thermal inertia in conditioning systems. They have internal baffles which prevent preferential flow within the tank thereby creating the conditions for excellent temperature distribution. These buffer tanks are particularly recommended for medium to high flows and also for special designs in which the tank is set up to be connected to more than two circuits. VKS buffer tanks are ideal for systems that do not have a particularly high need for protection against corrosion and are suitable for double loop applications. They are available in a vertical version with PVC exterior coating.


  • Capacity range From 100 to 5000 Litres
  • Material Carbon steel S 235 JR
  • Insulation PU-R/PE
  • Coating PVC
  • Operational limits -10°C + 60°C/6 bar
  • Usage Hydronic conditioning

Buffer tanks are tanks used to store chilled water, allowing the operating cycle of the matched heat pump to be optimised and thereby increasing its efficiency. Fiorini buffer tanks stand out in terms of their longevity, the high-density insulation used and the finishing done in true “Made in Italy” style. The range of Fiorini buffer tanks has been designed to improve the operation and the performance of the most advanced conditioning systems. The broad range and the options for customisation enable optimum solutions to be built for any type of system. Fiorini buffer tanks increase the system’s water capacity and improve the longevity of machines, heat pumps, chillers and compressors.

  • Reduced machine wear
  • Stored heat energy
  • Optimised operating cycles
  • Customised solutions
  • Fewer compressor start-ups
  • Heat pumps operate at full capacity

Fiorini buffer tanks are used to store chilled water and are essential in every conditioning system that operates with a reduced amount of water. Installing a storage tank makes the heat pump more efficient and increases its longevity.

 Thanks to the storage of chilled water, provided by Fiorini buffer tanks, continuous and rapid changes in the water temperature, due to intermittent regulation, are avoided. Installing a Fiorini buffer tank is also recommended because it reduces, as far as is possible, the compressor’s start-up and switch off cycles.

 The storage tanks, depending on the aim, can be divided into balancing tanks and in-line storage tanks. The balancing tanks create 2 separate circuits which have anti-mix or internal baffles, diffusing pipes or conveyor pipes. The in-line storage tanks, on the other hand, do not divide the circuit and should be installed on the return side, preferably before the circulation pump.