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Outdoor temperature sensor AF1/E

Outdoor temperature sensor AF1/E

PT100, PT1000, Ni, NTC, KTY
protection type IP65



Outdoor temperature sensor AF1/E

The AF1/E outdoor sensor measures the temperature by the sensor inside of the impact and moisture resistant plastic housing in the range of -50 up to +90°C and is with all current sensors available. The temperature probe can be mounted in climate-sensitive areas e.g. on outside walls by avoiding a direct solar radiation.


  • Measurement range temp. -50…+90°C
  • Sensor Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni1000, KTY, NTC, LM235Z (other on request)
  • Circuit type 2-wire connection
  • Measurement current approx. 1 mA
  • Electrical connection screw terminals max. 1,5 mm²
  • Leakage resistance > 100 MOhm, at +20°C (500 V DC)
  • Housing polyamide with snap closing screws, colour white like RAL 9010
  • Cable gland PG11 high-strength cable gland with strain relief
  • Dimensions Housing: L 64 x W 58 x H 34,5 mm
  • Protection type IP65
  • Working temperature -50…+90°C
  • Storage temperature -20…+70°C
  • Installation screw fastening
  • Approvals CE, EAC, RoHS


  • AF1/E-10 Pt100 (DIN EN 60751 Cl. B)
  • AF1/E-15 Pt500 (DIN EN 60751 Cl. B)
  • AF1/E-20 Pt1000 (DIN EN 60751 Cl. B)
  • AF1/E-30 Ni1000 (whirl-sintered)
  • AF1/E-37 Ni1000TK5000 (thin film)
  • AF1/E-40 Ni1000TK5000 (whirl-sintered)
  • AF1/E-50 NTC1,8k (±1%)
  • AF1/E-60 LM235Z (±1%)
  • AF1/E-70 NTC20k (±1%)
  • AF1/E-80 NTC10k (±1%)
  • AF1/E-81 KTY 81-110 (±1%)
  • AF1/E-82 KTY 81-121 (±1%)
  • AF1/E-83 KTY 81-210 (KTY 10-6) (±1%)