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Megger (Mega-Ω meter) – SMG5

Megger (Mega-Ω meter) – SMG5

Evaluate Compressor Insulation. Helps to Predict Compressor Failure.

1000VDC voltage source
Measure up to 2000 megohm
Backlit LCD

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Megger (Mega-Ω meter) – SMG5

The Fieldpiece Digital Megohm Meter, model SMG5, is a compact standalone meter designed for checking HVAC compressor insulation. The SMG5 provides a 1000V voltage source, monitors current, and displays the resistance between the test points. Maximum current output is <1mA. It can be used to determine the condition of insulation from winding to ground in a motor, compressor, or transformer. Includes a case, alligator clip lead tip and leads with removable tips.

To test resistance, a DMM supplies low voltage (<1V) to the test points and is capable of delivering only a few milliamps. It’s not a high enough voltage to detect high resistance problems that might indicate moisture and other contaminants and it’s not enough current to measure lower values of resistance.

  • 1000VDC stresses insulation to measure up to 2000Mohms
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Auto-off to extend battery life
  • Case, alligator clip, leads with removable tips
  • Megohm Meter – SMG5
  • (2) Probe Tips
  • (1) Ground Lead with Detachable Tip
  • (1) Alligator Probe Tip
  • Carrying Case
  • (4) AAA Batteries (installed)
  • Operator’s Manual
  • Display: 3 1/2 digit liquid crystal display (LCD) with maximum reading of 1999
  • Overrange: (OL) or (-OL) is displayed
  • Low battery indication: The ” ” is displayed when the battery voltage drops below the operating level
  • Measurement rate: 2.5 times per second, nominal
  • Operating Environment: 0°C to 40°C at < 70% relative humidity.
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C to 60°C, 0 to 80% R.H. with battery removed from meter
  • Auto power off: 15 seconds approx.
  • Standby consume current: <10μA
  • Battery: 4 pcs 1.5V (AAA size) UM-4 R03.
  • Battery Life: 4 hours (continuity) typical with alkaline battery (@20ΜΩ range test 10ΜΩ resistor).